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Are you missing that finishing touch to your gothic outfit? Or do you need something to put your steampunk shoes in after a night out? Our wide selection of bags, purses and wallets will keep all your personal belongings safe, whilst looking damn wicked at the same time.
Handcuff Handbag
Banned £36.95
Handcuffs Gothic Bag
Jawbreaker £34.95
X Marks the Spot Backpack
Jawbreaker £24.95 £34.95
Kitty Speaker Backpack
Banned £31.95
To The Wire Bag
Banned £33.95
Steam Skull Bag
Jawbreaker £27.95 £32.95
Eve Bag
Poizen Industries £31.95
Canvas Moonstone Backpack
Jawbreaker £19.95 £24.95
Maplesage Handbag
Banned £43.95
Bats Handbag
Banned £31.95
Leila Handbag
Banned £27.95
Call Of The Phoenix Bag
Banned £33.95
Yamy Backpack
Banned £36.95
Shock Absorber Spike Vegan Leather Large Black Backpack - Cerastes
Dr Faust £59.99
Rise Up Bag
Banned £37.95
Twice The Action Shoulder Bag
Banned £24.95
Astaroth Handbag
Banned £48.95
Annabelle Handbag
Banned £47.95
Wendigo Backpack
Banned £39.95
Spider Kellie Handbag
Banned £47.95
I Just Want To Give Yoou The Creeps Bag
Banned £41.95
Krampus Bag
Banned £47.95
Space Cat Wallet
Banned £17.95
Space Cat Gym Bag
Banned £37.95
Savanna Handbag
Banned £43.95
Killian Handbag
Banned £42.95
Camdyn Handbag
Banned £43.95
Stand Still Bag
Banned £34.95
Coyote Handbag
Banned £42.95
Made For Each Other Handbag
Banned £42.95
Obscura Handbag
Banned £44.95
American Vintage Bag
Banned £37.95
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