Banned Apparel


Steamrolling in from the past to the future, Banned Apparel are here with an insane mix of rockabilly and gothic styles for you to enjoy. With rockabilly being the foundation of classic rock and roll since the 1950s, it is no wonder that Banned is now a recognisable name with their unique and stylish clothing that takes inspiration from rock and roll.

Chain Trousers
Banned $103.00
Hunger Strike Trousers
Banned $53.00
Rise Up Bag
Banned $47.00
Jamie Backpack
Banned $47.00
Rhapsody Bag
Banned $41.00
Slashed Black Leggings
Banned $23.00
Free As A Bird Blouse
Banned from $21.00 $34.00
Morwenna Top
Banned $30.00
Twice The Action Shoulder Bag
Banned $31.00
Savanna Handbag
Banned $55.00
Obscura Handbag
Banned $56.00
Nosferatu Coat
Banned $145.00
Sweet Joy Trouser
Banned $66.00
Melancholie Dress
Banned from $68.00
Tears In Heaven Skirt
Banned $34.00
Skull Rose Corset Hoodie
Banned $109.00
Fire Armour Shoulder Bag
Banned $44.00
Taffy Half & Half Trousers
Banned from $60.00
Ethera Trousers
Banned $73.00
Row Boat Date Check Swing Pinafore
Banned $58.00
Portia Hoodie
Banned $84.00
Winter Check Swing Trouser
Banned $66.00
Escaping Darkness Tartan Skinny Trouser
Banned $55.00
Tanith Trousers
Banned from $68.00
Onyx Hoodie
Banned $81.00
Secretary Dress
Banned from $25.00 $34.00
Vespera Emboss Bag
Banned $52.00
Get In Line Trouser
Banned $53.00
Jacopo Trousers
Banned from $72.00
Tropic Dress
Banned from $61.00
Drusilla Flare Trousers
Banned $62.00
Cutie Check Fit And Flare Dress
Banned from $65.00
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