Alternative and gothic earrings from Alchemy, Spikes and other top goth jewellery designers, with amazing styles crafted in silver, steel and pewter.
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  • Alchemy The Dragon's Lure Left Ear Wrap - E274L

    A captivating goth ear wrap design from Alchemy, which is worn over and through the left ear and is named “the dragon’s lure”. It has a detailed full dragon style...
    £15.00 GBP
  • Bed of Blood Roses Ear Wrap - Pewter - Alchemy - E329

    A stunning gothic style ear wrap by Alchemy, called “bed of blood roses”. It is worn over and also pierces through the ear. The design is hand-crafted in pewter and...
    £26.00 GBP
  • Black Rose Goth Stud Earrings - Pewter - Alchemy - E339

    This is an amazing price for these beautiful, black rose style, stud earrings, which are hand made by Alchemy from pewter.
    £9.00 GBP
  • Devil's Heart Earrings - Pewter - Alchemy - ULFE22

    These lovely Devil's Heart earrings by Alchemy, are hand crafted in pewter and set with sparkling Swarovski crystals. The heart design has horns and a tail for a devilish effect....
    £26.00 GBP
  • Flying Bat Crystal Stud Earrings - Pewter - Alchemy - E302

    A fascinating pair of bat style earrings, with moving swarovski crystals, set at the bottom, this design is hand crafted in pewter, from Alchemy of England.
    £19.00 GBP
  • Black The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap- Pewter - Alchemy - E724B

    Soar the skies with your favourite scaled friend on your ear - "The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap" by Alchemy is a wonderful companion when you are surveying your domain. A...
    £15.95 GBP
  • Night Sky Bats Ear Wrap - Pewter - Alchemy - E345

    If you love being a vampire, then you will love the "Night Sky Bats Ear Wrap" from Alchemy that will make your batty friends jealous. Handcrafted in English Pewter with white...
    £16.50 GBP
  • Dragontine Dangling Earring - Pewter - Alchemy - E305

    Ahh! A dragon is eating your ear! Oh, wait. Whilst it may not be the dragon that the knights of old are hunting down, this "Dragontine Dangling Earring" from Alchemy...
    £25.50 GBP
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