Gothic Jewellery

Jewellery from alternative brands for alternative people. Our collection of gothic, rockabilly, steampunk and biker jewellery is large, with a variety of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants to suit any occasion.
Winged Grenade Pendant - Stainless Steel
Badboy £12.00
Asgard Cert Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Asgard Coll Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Asgard Edad Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Asgard Peorth Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
Fairy With Moon Pendant - Sterling Silver
Badboy £37.00
Asgard Wunjo Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
Mjolnir Thor's Hammer With Viking Skull and Celtic Knot
Badboy £27.00
Asgard Peorth Letter P Rune Ring - Adjustable
Asgard £22.50
Stainless Steel Mens Bracelet With Blue Ion Plating
Spikes £49.00
Asgard Entwined Dog Celtic Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Asgard Lunular Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Asgard Jorvik Hammer Pendant on Dragon Chain
Asgard £99.99
Asgard 925 Sterling Silver Ring Money Bracelet TRIANGLE
Asgard £239.99
Asgard Uppsala Hammer on Dragon Chain
Asgard £99.99
Asgard Large York Disc Brooch
Asgard £43.95
Asgard Dagaz Letter D Rune Ring - Adjustable
Asgard £22.50
The Stag Silver Skull Antlers Pendant and Necklace - Karsyn
Dr Faust £59.98
Asgard Large and Chunky Odin's Steed, Sleipnir Bracelet
Asgard £50.00
Asgard Large Viking Cuff Bracelet
Asgard £45.00
Asgard Pair of Anglo Saxon Short Long Brooch
Asgard £74.99
Illuminati Sigil of Lucifer Pendant and Necklace - Adaline
Dr Faust £29.98
Asgard Viking Equal Armed Brooch
Asgard £43.50
Asgard Pair of Tortoise Brooches
Asgard £92.50
Asgard St Ninian's Hoard Pictish Penannular
Asgard £61.50
Asgard The Helm of Awe Pendant
Asgard £27.99
Titanium Ring With Rotating Knotwork - Coffee Colour IP Plating
Spikes £27.00
Bull Skull Bone Carving Pendant and Black Necklace - Daleyza
Dr Faust £25.98
Stainless Steel Dragon Bracelet
Badboy £32.00
Asgard Raido Letter R Rune Ring - Adjustable
Asgard £22.50
Asgard Large Valknut Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Rainbow Brooch
Voodoo Vixen £19.95
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