Rockabilly Clothing

Rock will never die, and Rockabilly was what started it all. From the 50's onwards, rock music has changed significantly, with the style becoming much more dark. However, brands like Banned Apparel are committed to bringing you the best of the 50's with their epic rockabilly apparel.
Pinstripe Suspender Capri Trousers
Voodoo Vixen $57.00
Ballgown Victorian Maxi Skirt In Taffeta
Burleska $105.00 $123.00
Pussy Bow Top With Flutter Sleeves
Voodoo Vixen $54.00
Blanca Chiffon Rose Flocking Dress
Voodoo Vixen $80.00
Leona Cherry Print Black Tea Dress
Voodoo Vixen $75.00
Phoebe Top
Banned $26.00
Verity Multi Lace Bridal Gown
Voodoo Vixen $291.00
Steffi Overbust Corset With Zip In Black Twill
Burleska from $132.00 $155.00
Secretary Dress
Banned from $26.00 $35.00
Valerie High Low Corset Dress In Satin Flock
Burleska from $149.00 $175.00
Belted Pencil Skirt
Voodoo Vixen $44.00
Ratched Style Midi Dress
Voodoo Vixen $73.00
Parasol Built Up Halter Plus Size Bikini Top
Banned $31.00
Victorian Overbust Corset In Black Brocade
Burleska from $99.00 $117.00
Land Ahoy T-Shirt
Banned $28.00
English Rose Pleated Skirt
Banned $44.00
Ness Half And Half Dress
Banned $56.00
Her Favourites Trousers
Banned $59.00
Violet Fur Trim Dress Coat
Voodoo Vixen from $146.00
Cherry Up Shirt
Banned $39.00
Cherry Bow Black Plus Size Cardigan
Banned $46.00
Elizabeth Overbust Burlesque Corset In Taffeta
Burleska from $99.00 $117.00
Leopard Lady Blouse
Banned $42.00
English Rose Fit & Flare Dress
Banned $55.00
Chacha A-line Dress
Voodoo Vixen from $65.00
Ophelie Burlesque Corset Dress In Green Scroll Brocade
Burleska from $154.00 $181.00
Connie Fitted Capri Overalls
Voodoo Vixen from $59.00
Edith Velvet Jewel Gown
Voodoo Vixen $75.00
Flo Black & Red Floral Flocked Coat
Voodoo Vixen from $146.00
Fresh Bloom Print Pencil Dress
Banned $25.00 $43.00
Summer Ahoy Blouse
Banned $42.00
Marjorie Floral Trench Coat
Voodoo Vixen from $130.00
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