Plus Size Tops

Our wicked collection of plus size tops feature a variety of styles from Spiral, Banned Apparel, Jawbreaker and Voodoo Vixen.
Spider Nights Jersey Top
Banned from £27.95
Dark Elven Velvet Top
Jawbreaker from £37.95
Chantrea Top
Banned from £24.95
Avelina Sweater
Banned from £47.95
Lou Lou Plus Size Blouse
Banned £14.95 £27.95
Bunny Hop Blouse
Banned from £33.95
Ladies Blouse
Banned from £23.95
Basic Instinct Long Sleeve Top
Banned from £32.95
Marina Salt Boat Print Short Sleeve Top
Voodoo Vixen from £25.95
Benny Cowl Neck Top
Voodoo Vixen from £31.95
Caniya Retro V-Neck Top
Voodoo Vixen from £27.50
Rhiannon Bow V-Neck Top
Voodoo Vixen from £28.95
Rose Jersey Top
Banned from £22.95
Szizzle Stripe Top
Banned from £24.95
Be Free Jersey Top
Banned from £23.95
Betty Top
Banned from £24.95
Skeleton Wings Top
Banned from £22.95
Made For Each Other Top
Banned from £27.95
Long Top With Mesh Inserts
Queen of Darkness £58.95
Shoulder-Free Shirt With Mesh And Studs
Queen of Darkness £55.95
Ladies Leather Biker Vest - Jessie
Skintan Leather from £65.95
Ladies Leather Biker Vest - Eve
Skintan Leather from £74.95
Ladies Leather Biker Vest - Rebel
Skintan Leather from £80.95
Crossing Over Top
Banned from £24.95
Samurai - Boat Neck Bat Sleeve Top Black
Spiral £19.99
Urban Fashion - 2In1 Red Ripped Top Black
Spiral from £15.99
Swan Lake Shirt
Banned from £16.95 £26.95
Grease Wrap Gingham Blouse
Banned from £17.95 £34.95
Free As A Bird Blouse
Banned from £16.95 £26.95
Snow Bird Plus Size Shirt
Banned £40.95
Summer Loving Top
Banned from £14.95 £25.95
Twist & Shake Collared Knit Plus Size Top
Banned £32.95
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