Gothic Trousers, Leggings & Shorts

Want your legs to look as good as the rest of you? Our collection of gothic trousers, leggings and shorts are a welcome edition to any outfit, from brands such as Jawbreaker, Spiral and Banned Apparel.
Chain Trousers
Banned $104.00
Taffy Half & Half Trousers
Banned from $60.00
Ladies Monza Biker Trousers - CE Armoured
Skintan Leather $176.00
Sweet Joy Trouser
Banned $67.00
Gothic Tapered Tartan Trousers
Banned $63.00
Tartan Skinny Jeans
Banned $47.00
Norval Tapered Tartan Trousers
Banned $48.00
Escaping Darkness Tartan Skinny Trouser
Banned $55.00
Red Check Plus Size Skinny Jeans
Banned $48.00
Rumor Has It Trousers
Banned $50.00
Pintstripe Flared Jersey Trousers
Jawbreaker $63.00
Ethera Trousers
Banned $74.00
Jetsetter Trousers – Tbn442
Banned $69.00
Move On Up Trousers
Banned $42.00
Passionate By Nature Plaid Harness Leggings
Jawbreaker $48.00
Ember Trousers
Banned from $73.00
Philomena Leggings
Banned $35.00
Quinn Tapered Half & Half Tartan Trousers
Banned $50.00
Buckle Shorts
Banned $38.00
Night After Night Jeans
Banned $38.00
Tanith Trousers
Banned from $69.00
Dream Crusher Leggings
Banned $44.00
9 Lives Leggings
Banned $43.00
Kane Trousers
Banned from $48.00
Winter Check Swing Trouser
Banned $67.00
Tartan Night Flare Trousers
Banned $47.00
Sulphur Shorts
Banned $40.00
White Clip Pants - Unisex
Long Clothing $57.00
Creep Trousers
Banned $59.00
Half Black Half Check Skinny Jeans
Banned $40.00
Glam Rock 70s Jeans
Jawbreaker $50.00
Leggings With O-ring Detail At Side Seams
Jawbreaker $43.00
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