Gothic Trousers, Leggings & Shorts

Want your legs to look as good as the rest of you? Our collection of gothic trousers, leggings and shorts are a welcome edition to any outfit, from brands such as Jawbreaker, Spiral and Banned Apparel.
Chain Trousers
Banned £82.95
Blood Skull Sweatpants - Unisex
Toxico £31.00
Gothic Pants With Lacing And Buckles
Queen of Darkness £130.95
Damien Trousers
Banned from £39.95
Ember Trousers
Banned from £57.95
Ethera Trousers
Banned from £54.95
Jacopo Trousers
Banned from £57.95
Enchanted Trousers
Banned from £47.95
Tanith Trousers
Banned from £54.95
Half Black Half Stripes Leggings
Banned from £24.95
Black Pants With Pocket And Bondages
Queen of Darkness £76.95
Half Black Half Check Skinny Jeans
Banned £31.95
Women's Trousers With O-Rings and Belts
Queen of Darkness £69.95
Red Tartan Clip Pants - Unisex
Long Clothing £45.00
Spooky Nightwalks Trousers
Banned from £59.95
Corset Style Black Skinny Jeans
Banned £39.95
Check Skinny Jeans
Banned £33.95
Jetsetter Trousers – Tbn442
Banned £54.95
Infinity Clip Pants - Unisex
Long Clothing £45.00
Spooky Nightwalks Slim Trousers
Banned £39.95
Black Pants With Leather Look Front Side
Queen of Darkness £76.95
Tight Wet-Look Trousers With Decorative Zips
Queen of Darkness £64.95
Ladies Monza Biker Trousers - CE Armoured
Skintan Leather £140.95
Slither Skinnies
Banned £16.95 £33.95
Pentagram Pants
Banned from £20.95 £41.95
Glam Rock 70s Jeans
Jawbreaker £39.95
Road To Ruin Shorts
Banned £41.95
Move On Up Trousers
Banned £32.95
Made For Each Other Leggings
Banned from £24.95
Walk The Line Shorts
Banned £36.95
High Waist Hotpants With Lacing
Queen of Darkness £70.95
Queen Vix Leggings
Banned from £32.95
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