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Are you missing that finishing touch to your gothic outfit? Or do you need something to put your steampunk shoes in after a night out? Our wide selection of bags, purses and wallets will keep all your personal belongings safe, whilst looking damn wicked at the same time.
Rhapsody Bag
Banned $43.00
Patsy Paparazzi Bag in White
Voodoo Vixen $39.00
Cat Bag
Banned $35.00
Krampus Bag
Banned $62.00
Infinity Backpack - Unisex
Long Clothing $58.00
Delicatty Wallet
Banned $22.00
Maplesage Handbag
Banned $57.00
Earthworm Chain Handbag
Banned $54.00
Flash Of Twilight Shoulder Bag
Banned $39.00
Phantom Form Tote Bag
Banned $48.00
I Just Want To Give Yoou The Creeps Bag
Banned $57.00
Galatee Small Messenger Bag
Banned $56.00
Femme Fatale Handbag
Banned $44.00
Space Cat Gym Bag
Banned $49.00
Venus Square Pearl Handbag
Voodoo Vixen $71.00
Waverley Backpack
Banned $44.00
Spellbinder Wallet
Banned $25.00
Country Rose Handbag
Banned $56.00
Bastet Tote Small Bag
Banned $36.00
Mini Box Clutch Bag
Voodoo Vixen $68.00
Black Celebration Backpack
Banned $49.00
Moth Small Satchel Bag
Banned $49.00
Dreamcatcher Shoulder Bag
Banned $58.00
Delicatty Tote Bag
Banned $43.00
Hallie Backpack
Banned $43.00
Glow Of The Cross Handbag
Banned $58.00
Dragon Frenzy Messenger Bag
Banned $38.00
Cohen Bag
Banned $49.00
Vintage Floral Embroidered Day Bag
Voodoo Vixen $64.00
Yin Yang Master Tote Bag
Banned $56.00
Malice Wallet
Banned $21.00
New Romantics Handbag
Banned $44.00