Gothic Pendants

Our collection of gothic pendants are a great way to finish off an outfit or to give as a gift, from brands like Alchemy Gothic and Dr Faust.
Asgard Lunular Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Asgard Danish Hammered Hammer Pendant – Pewter or Silver
Asgard from £20.50
Roaring Dragon Head Pendant With Red CZ Eyes
Badboy £17.00
Phasing Moon Lunar Pendant and Necklace - Rowan
Dr Faust £29.99
Asgard Openwork Thor's Hammer - Sterling Silver
Asgard £120.00
Asgard Algiz Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
Asgard Fehu Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
Asgard Trinity Knot Celtic Pendant
Asgard £20.50
The Stag Silver Skull Antlers Pendant and Necklace - Karsyn
Dr Faust £29.99
Asgard Gort Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Asgard Nevern Cross Celtic Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Black Occult Symbol DeltaRam Pendant and Necklace - Elise
Dr Faust £19.99
Asgard Manx Gungnir Pendant – Pewter or Silver
Asgard from £20.50
Asgard Ansuz Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
M'Era Luna Crescens Tragicom Moon Pendant
Alchemy £11.95
Blast Furnace Behemoth Pendant
Alchemy £40.00
Sold out
Asgard Extra Large Hiddensee Hammer Pendant
Asgard £34.99
Sold Out
Stainless Steel Bullet Pendant With Skulls
Badboy £18.99
Asgard Eternal Knot Cross Celtic Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Dragon Skull Shield Pendant - Stainless Steel
Badboy £10.95 £21.95
Mjolnir Thor's Hammer With Viking Skull and Celtic Knot
Badboy £27.00
Asgard Dagaz Rune Pendant
Asgard £25.99
Asgard nGetal Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Pensile Moon Phases Lunar Pendant and Necklace - Valerie
Dr Faust £24.99
Asgard Faroese Hammer Pendant – Pewter
Asgard £31.99
Asgard Lion Rampant Celtic Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Asgard Pictish Knot Pendant
Asgard £20.50
Asgard Uppsala Hammer Pendant – Pewter or Silver
Asgard from £21.50
Scorpion Pendant With Kinetic Joints - Stainless Steel
Badboy £28.00
Red Heart Wings Crown Love Pendant and Necklace - Amira
Dr Faust £14.99
Asgard Straif Ogham
Asgard £20.00
Asgard Monymusk Knot Pendant
Asgard £20.50
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