An amazing alternative collection of ladies gothic hoodies and sweaters from Dark Fashion Clothing, with superb goth and skull hoodie designs by Jawbreaker, Voodoo Vixen and Spiral Clothing.
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  • Jawbreaker Galaxy Bird & Branches Skull Hoodie

    A trippyξand psychedelic hoodie from Jawbreaker with a uniquely appealing and colourfulξprint on the front, back and sleeves featuring birds, trees, stars and a large skull image. This black pullover...
    £42.95 GBP
  • Banned Moon Knit Jumper

    A distinctively detailed, gothic, ladies sweater by Banned Apparel, the "moon knit jumper", which has a striking, allover moonlit graveyard design. Click here for the Banned Apparel sizing guide (International...
    £31.95 GBP
  • Parker Striped Nautical Sweater - Voodoo Vixen - Two Colours

    "Parker" a retro, sailorξstyle sweatshirt from Voodoo Vixen, which is available in a choice of two colourways, white with blue or black with white. This stylish vintage sweater has a...
    £32.95 GBP
  • No Evil Sweatshirt By Jawbreaker

    A superb sweatshirt for that added edge from Jawbreaker. This style is called "No Evil", the print is a funny take on the see no evil, hear no evil, speak...
    £32.95 GBP
  • Banned Cat Ears Striped Hoodie - Hbn014 - Various Colours

    Be Death's little cute kitty in this "Cat Ears Striped" hoodie from Banned. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane with an all over striped print and little cat ears...
    £23.95 GBP
  • Elsa Blue/Grey Owl Sweater by Voodoo Vixen

    This awesome sweater from Voodoo Vixen is called Elsa, it is an eye-catching blue/grey colour and has an adorableξowl pattern around the chest, shoulders and back. The design is further...
    £34.95 GBP
  • Julia Roses & Stripes Sweatshirt - Voodoo Vixen

    "Julia" a classic vintage style sweatshirt from Voodoo Vixen in beige decorated with pink stripes and pink and green roses.ξ This superb rockabilly sweater has mid-length sleeves and ribbed cuffs,...
    £31.95 GBP
  • Jawbreaker Floral Sugarskull Pullover Hoodie

    An amazing hoodie with a pastel pink floral sugarskull design on the front and sleeves. This black pullover hooded top is made in 95% cotton with 5% elastane, it has...
    £42.95 GBP
  • Banned Haunted Diva Knit Jumper

    This is a striking, gothic, ladies sweater from Banned Apparel, the "haunted diva knit jumper", available in black and sand or black and purple, with corset style tie-up arms, with...
    £32.95 GBP
  • Banned Afterlife Begins Knit Jumper

    A fearsome gothic, ladies sweater by Banned Apparel, the afterlife begins knit jumper. The style has long sleeves with corset style lacing up the arms and black lace underneath and...
    £32.95 GBP
  • Banned Friction Jumper - Obn1023 - White or Purple

    Cause a stir in this "Friction" jumper from Banned. Made from 70% viscose and 30% nylon with little bats covering the front and back and lace up detail in the...
    £32.95 GBP
  • Jawbreaker Dino Bones Hoodie

    A kickass hoodie from Jawbreaker with a striking dinosaur bones print on the back and front. This hooded top is made in 95% cotton with 5% elastane, and is very...
    £42.95 GBP
  • Sage Cherry Wrap Sweater by Voodoo Vixen

    A stunning vintage style green front wrap sweater called "Sage" from Voodoo Vixen, the design is decorated with a unique antique cherry print, and has a v-neckline. Material -ξ70% Viscose,...
    £31.95 GBP
  • Banned Juno Hoodie

    An awesome, gothic, ladies hoodie style from Banned Apparel, the "Juno hoodie", with an epic harlequin jester style in black and red with contrasting diamonds pattern at each side and at...
    £44.95 GBP
  • Banned Skull Knit Jumper

    Check out this sensational, gothic, ladies sweater style made by Banned Apparel, the skull knit jumper, with a spooky sugar skulls and bones design. Click here for the Banned Apparel...
    £31.95 GBP
  • Jawbreaker Witches Heart Hoodie

    A striking goth hoodie from Jawbreaker with aξprint of skulls, roses, evil eyes and mystical symbols which come togetherξperfectly to form an intimidating and spooky design.ξ The hoodies is printed...
    £37.95 GBP
  • Love Beyond The Grave Sweatshirt By Jawbreaker

    This sweatshirt is the bomb a superbξdesign from Jawbreaker with a hysterical print of two skeletons having sexy time and the caption "Love Beyond The Grave, La Petite Morte". ξ...
    £32.95 GBP
  • Sammie Turtleneck Owl Sweater by Voodoo Vixen

    This is a particularly warm, comfortable and cute sweater from Voodoo Vixen called Sammie, which is embellished with an owl pattern around the chest decorated with buttons for the owls'...
    £33.95 GBP
  • Prey For Death Zip Hoodie - Toxico

    A fantastic ladies black zip hoodie from Toxico called "Prey For Death" with a macabre print which is silk screen printed by hand of a skeletal nun pointing to her flaming heart...
    £39.95 GBP
  • Jawbreaker Dark & Wild Ram Skull Hoodie

    A knockout gothic hoodie from Jawbreaker with aξprint of skulls, ram's skulls, bird skulls, bones, butterflies, diamonds and stars which altogether create a hard hitting and morbid design.ξ The hoodies...
    £37.95 GBP
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