The UK's best known brand for Gothic jewellery, clothing and accessories. With amazing hand-made pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings and gifts in biker, goth, steampunk and alternative styles.
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  • Alchemy Skullhammer Pendant - P754

    Skullhammer!!! an amazing pendant design by Alchemy with a Mjolnir (thor's hammer) design crafted in pewter and decorated all over with skulls. Measurements - Height - 51mm (2.01") Width -...
    £12.95 GBP
  • A Murder of Crows Gothic Necklace - Pewter - Alchemy - P677

    A marvellously macabre Gothic necklace design from Alchemy called “a murder of crows”, which is hand-made in pewter by alchemy and set with Swarovski gemstones, including a large clear centrepiece,...
    £56.00 GBP
  • Alchemy Aethera Draconem Pendant - P756

    A superb large dragon pendant from Alchemy crafted in pewter, the design shows a fearsome dragon clutching its treasure a burgundy red swarovski pearl. Measurements - Height - 86mm (3.39")Width...
    £29.95 GBP
  • Capitaneus Pendant by Alchemy - P731

    Strike fear into your enemies with this "Captaineus" pendant from Alchemy. Made in pewter, this "arrowhead" is set with a skull in the middle and comes on a black adjustable...
    £13.00 GBP
  • Alchemy M'Era Luna Crescens Tragicom Moon Pendant - P783

    A knockout pendant from Alchemy with an evil grinning crescent moon face design, made in English pewter.Measurements Height - 36mm (1.42") Width - 25mm (0.98") Depth - 8mm (0.31") Weight...
    £11.95 GBP
  • Black Rose Goth Stud Earrings - Pewter - Alchemy - E339

    This is an amazing price for these beautiful, black rose style, stud earrings, which are hand made by Alchemy from pewter.
    £9.00 GBP
  • Ventus Traction Farthing Steampunk Pendant - Pewter - Alchemy - P651

    Alchemy have crafted a particularly original and eye-catching design in the Ventus Traction Farthing steampunk pendant. The design is of a penny farthing style bicycle and incorporates a kinetic wheel,...
    £25.00 GBP
  • Viennese Nights Necklace - Alchemy - P701

    Viennese Nights, a beautiful bat themed Gothic necklace, hand-crafted in English pewter by Alchemy, it is set with a large grey swarovski crystal as the bat's body and is embellished...
    £30.00 GBP
  • Steamhammer Steampunk Pendant - Pewter - Alchemy - P592

    An unusual and distinguished steampunk version of the Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir pendant design. This awesome piece call the steamhammer is hand-crafted in tri-coloured pewter by Alchemy.
    £31.00 GBP
  • Alter Orbis Pendant by Alchemy - P722

    Carry your own little (more like large) sacrifice on your neck with this "Alter Orbis" pendant from Alchemy. A large pewter skeleton hangs from an 18inch/46cm chain.
    £20.00 GBP
  • Alchemy Vertebrae Bracelet - A29

    This is a formidable, hand-made pewter bracelet style of spinal vertebrae, from Alchemy. The belcher chain at the back can be adjusted in length and it closes with a lobster...
    £29.95 GBP
  • Aequicorn Pendant by Alchemy - P743

    The "Aequicorn" pendant from Alchemy is made from pewter and is a sight in itself to behold. A large pendant of a seahorse with a unicorn's horn on its head,...
    £26.00 GBP
  • Anguis Aeternus Dragon Pendant - Pewter - Alchemy - P346

    Anguis Aeternus by Alchemy, a captivating gothic pendant of a dragon coiled around a sparkling multi-coloured Swarovski crystal. This beautiful piece is hand-crafted in pewter.
    £15.95 GBP
  • Alchemy The Dragon's Lure Left Ear Wrap - E274L

    A captivating goth ear wrap design from Alchemy, which is worn over and through the left ear and is named “the dragon’s lure”. It has a detailed full dragon style...
    £15.00 GBP
  • Anguistralobe Steampunk Pendant by Alchemy - P188

    Wear time itself around your neck with this "Anguistralobe" pendant from Alchemy. Set in different tones of pewter with a pearl in the centre, detailed with a rotating brass dial...
    £18.50 GBP
  • Astral Dragon Quadrant Locket Pendant- Pewter - Alchemy - P670

    A tempting steampunk locket pendant from Alchemy called Astral Dragon, it is an unusual design, with a brass dial and rotating dragon pointer, beautifully made in English pewter.
    £39.00 GBP
  • Bed of Blood Roses Ear Wrap - Pewter - Alchemy - E329

    A stunning gothic style ear wrap by Alchemy, called “bed of blood roses”. It is worn over and also pierces through the ear. The design is hand-crafted in pewter and...
    £26.00 GBP
  • Biker Wallet - Black Leather - Alchemy - LG67

    An appealing biker wallet, crafted in high quality leather by Alchemy and embellished with an Alchemist skull logo. Attached is a 14” steel chain which can attach to your belt...
    £31.50 GBP
  • Pirate Princess Doublewrap Bracelet - Leather & Pewter - Alchemy - A97

    This amazing leather bracelet from Alchemy, wraps twice around the wrist and has an adjustable length. It is impressively detailed with a skull and organic details, hand made in pewter...
    £35.00 GBP
  • Cloud Pilot's Sextant Steampunk Pendant - Pewter - Alchemy - P694

    This is a stupendously fascinating steampunk pendant design from Alchemy called the cloud pilot’s sextant. It is hand-made in three coloured pewter, with a kinetic gold coloured dial, set with...
    £34.00 GBP
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