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Are you missing that finishing touch to your gothic outfit? Or do you need something to put your steampunk shoes in after a night out? Our wide selection of bags, purses and wallets will keep all your personal belongings safe, whilst looking damn wicked at the same time.
Avocado Wallet
Banned $17.00
Katy Cat Circle Chain Bag
Voodoo Vixen $35.00
Pray For Death Purse
Toxico $24.00
Flamingo Wallet
Banned $19.00
Feminine Feline Coin Purse
Banned $14.00
Clear Branch Backpack
Jawbreaker $32.00 $42.00
Hollow Wallet
Banned $28.00
Zen Garden Clutch Bag
Banned $23.00 $34.00
Reaper Tote Bag
Toxico $14.00
Two Faced Tote Bag
Jawbreaker $19.00
Another Lost Soul Wallet
Banned $23.00
Puma Shopping Bag
Toxico $14.00
Flash Of Twilight Shoulder Bag
Banned $38.00
Desert Bells Wallet
Banned $17.00
Division Hex Mini Shoulder Bag
Banned $44.00
Cacti Wallet
Banned $17.00
Fiesta Taco Handbag
Voodoo Vixen $37.00
Orange In The Sun Purse
Banned $14.00
Pink Moon Wallet
Banned $17.00
Radio Bag
Jawbreaker $13.00
Illusionary Wallet
Banned $19.00
Ditsy Daisy Heart Handbag
Voodoo Vixen $48.00
Galatee Small Messenger Bag
Banned $54.00
Dark Ritual Shoulder Bag
Banned $48.00
Lucille Wallet
Banned $27.00
Dance The Night Away Wallet
Banned $24.00
Frankenstein's Monster Gothic Bag
Jawbreaker $18.00
Bite Back Tote Bag
Toxico $14.00
Wild At Heart Wallet
Banned $17.00
Dragon Frenzy Large Wallet
Banned $20.00
Patsy Paparazzi Bag in Black
Voodoo Vixen $38.00
Heart Of Gold Wallet
Banned $25.00