Rockabilly Trousers and Shorts

Every fan of the 50s needs something awesome to wear, and our collection of Rockabilly shorts and trousers is absolutely wicked, from brands such as Banned Apparel and Voodoo Vixen.
Indiana Trousers
Banned from £46.95
Tennis Love Culotte
Banned from £32.95
Party On Trousers
Banned £33.95
Emilia Yellow Floral Palazzo Pants
Voodoo Vixen £46.95
Cherry Pie Shorts
Banned from £33.95
Bow Pocket Black Smart Trousers
Voodoo Vixen £44.95
Hidden Away Trousers
Banned £33.95
Hidden Away Plus Size Trousers
Banned £37.95
Kourt Black High-Waisted Trousers With Suspenders
Voodoo Vixen £56.50
Tri-Colour Houndstooth Overall Work Trousers
Voodoo Vixen £49.95
Double-breasted Shorts With Blazer Front
Voodoo Vixen £49.95
Holly Capri Pants
Voodoo Vixen £29.95
Secretary Wide Leg Trouser
Banned £15.95 £31.95
Gail Straight-Leg Wide Trousers
Voodoo Vixen £42.95
Safari Flare Trousers With Leopard Print Suspenders
Voodoo Vixen £49.95
Sandy Fitted Denim Capri Pants
Voodoo Vixen £32.95
Her Favourites Trousers
Banned £44.95
Rock N Roll Leopard Denim Capri Pants
Banned from £38.95
High Waisted Black Shorts With Embroidered Scallop Pocket Detail
Voodoo Vixen £36.95
Stay Awhile Trousers
Banned from £32.95
Stay Awhile Shorts
Banned £24.95
Toucan Shorts
Banned £18.95 £33.95
Swept Off Her Feet Wide Leg Plus Size Trouser
Banned £39.95
Lola Lou Cropped Retro Trousers
Voodoo Vixen £24.95 £32.95
Full Moon Trousers
Banned £33.95
Tempting Fate Highwaist Trouser
Banned £13.95
Grease Capri Pant
Banned £18.95 £36.95
Button Side Trousers
Banned from £41.95
Contrast Trim Trousers
Banned from £18.95 £36.95
Eva Denim Capri Pants
Voodoo Vixen £27.50 £34.95
Girl Boss Trouser
Banned £41.95
Lobster Love Shorts
Banned £13.95 £26.95
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