Ladies Cardigans & Boleros

Ladies, you need something to go over your epic alternative outfit. Our collection of ladies cardigans and boleros will keep you warm when the sun goes down.
Pumpkin Spice & All Things Nice Cardigan
Banned from £37.95
Boat Club Cardigan
Banned £36.95
Regatta Race Stripe Knit Cardigan
Banned £39.95
Lets Sail Stripe Cardigan
Banned from £37.95
Bow Dreaming Cardigan
Banned £36.95
Summer Scallop Cardigan
Banned £33.95
Summer Sail Cardi
Banned £32.95
Valentina Victorian Gothic Jacket In Lace
Burleska £101.96 £119.95
Elaborate Peacock Cardigan
Banned £18.95 £36.95
Queen Victorian Gothic Jacket In Black Lace With Velvet Flock Detail
Burleska £101.96 £119.95
Victorian Bolero Shrug In Velvet & Black Fur
Burleska £67.96 £79.95
Ivy Green Leaf Print Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen from £38.95
Hybrid Cardigan
Banned £31.95
Not A Romantic Hooded Cardigan
Jawbreaker £44.95
Cat Scallop Collar Cardi
Banned from £36.95
Queen Victorian Gothic Jacket In Black Lace With Matt Detail
Burleska £101.96 £119.95
Luxe Floral Embroidered Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £41.50
Geisha Gothic Bolero Shrug In Black PVC And Silver Spikes
Burleska £42.46 £49.95
Ginny Woodland Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £36.50
Face To Face Cardigan
Banned £34.95
Space Chic Embroidered Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £41.50
Ishtar Cardigan
Banned from £32.95
Polka Dot Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £31.95
Ines Steampunk Bolero Shrug In Brown Brocade And Coffee Matte
Burleska £53.51 £62.95
Bat Lady Cardigan
Banned from £31.95
Bat Cardigan
Banned £31.95
Hudson Plus Size Bolero
Banned £28.95
Melissa Burlesque Bolero Jacket In Cotton & Black Lace Overlay
Burleska £50.96 £59.95
Overload Cardigan
Banned £26.95
Geisha Gothic Bolero Shrug In Fishnet
Burleska £33.96 £39.95
Blade High Collar Bolero In Black Taffeta
Burleska £50.96 £59.95
Scandi Fox Cardigan
Banned from £42.95
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