About Us

About Us

Do you need something different, something stylish and out there that makes people stop and look at you because you are not plain and normal? Do you need something that shows off your wacky personality without breaking the bank? Then you have most certainly come to the right place.

Welcome one and all to Dark Fashion Clothing - a site run by a small team of style monkeys who love what we do. Starting up at the end of 2015, the fun-filled fashion lovers we are offer the best designs from big name brands including Jawbreaker, Voodoo Vixen, Banned Apparel, Spiral, Burleska etc. with a wide range of rockabilly, gothic, steampunk and biker clothing designs. We also have a variety of jewellery and accessories from skull rings and handbags, to belt buckles and hair dyes - and we aim to paint the town in as many shades of black as we can.

If you need another reason to shop with us, we have free uk delivery on all orders over £50.

Contact Details

35 High Street
South Ayrshire
KA7 1LU 

Telephone - 01292 811088

We are here to help, if you would like any advice or information you can contact us at info@darkfashionclothing.com or simply fill out the short form on our contact page