Plus Size Trousers, Leggings & Shorts

Want to look awesome but you need something a bit bigger? Our collection of plus size trousers, leggings and shorts features awesome brands such as Voodoo Vixen and Banned Apparel.
Gothic Tapered Tartan Trousers
Banned $65.00
Norval Tapered Tartan Trousers
Banned $49.00
Krampus Trousers
Banned $77.00
Ethera Trousers
Banned $76.00
Spell On Me Leggings
Banned $36.00
Dream Crusher Leggings
Banned $45.00
Spooky Nightwalks Slim Trousers
Banned $52.00
Glam Rock 70s Jeans
Jawbreaker $52.00
Head In The Clouds Plaid Harness Leggings
Jawbreaker $49.00
Barbara Cigarette Trousers With Suspenders
Voodoo Vixen $52.00
Bow Pocket Pink Plaid Trousers
Voodoo Vixen $61.00
Tennis Love Culotte
Banned $43.00
Sassy Trouser
Banned $54.00
Kourt Olive High-Waisted Trousers With Suspenders
Voodoo Vixen $74.00
Pretty Perfect Trousers
Banned $54.00
Nyx Shorts
Banned from $43.00
Ahoy Scallop Shorts
Banned $43.00
Shinobu Shorts
Banned $45.00
Esoteric Flare Leggings
Banned $52.00
Fight Me Velvet Harness Leggings
Jawbreaker $38.00
Plaid Cage Leggings
Jawbreaker $43.00
Nona Nancy Culottes
Voodoo Vixen $56.00
Rock N Roll Leopard Denim Capri Pants
Banned from $51.00
Wild Child Shorts
Banned $44.00
Tri-Colour Houndstooth Overall Work Trousers
Voodoo Vixen $65.00
Loretta High Waisted Bell Bottom Trousers
Voodoo Vixen $42.00 $51.00
Future Flapper Leggings
Banned $24.00 $42.00
Safari Flare Trousers With Leopard Print Suspenders
Voodoo Vixen $65.00
Blackwell Trousers
Banned $45.00
Passionate By Nature Plaid Harness Leggings
Jawbreaker $49.00
Skeleton Butterfly Leggings
Banned from $36.00
Spirit Walker Shorts
Banned $35.00