Plus Size Cardigans and Sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters for the ladies who need more room in their clothing. Our selection of plus size cardigans and sweaters are from brands such as Banned Apparel, Voodoo Vixen and Jawbreaker.
Rainbow Days Ahead Cardigan
Banned from £38.95
The Queens Corgi Jumper
Banned from £34.95
Bloom Jumper
Banned from £32.95
Summer Berry Jumper
Banned from £37.95
Tear Drop Cardigan
Banned £15.95 £31.95
Stripes Please Knit Plus Size Jumper
Banned £34.95
Batwing Jumper
Banned £20.95 £36.95
True Love Cardigan
Banned from £42.95
Cherry Bow Black Plus Size Cardigan
Banned £34.95
Pumpkin Jumper
Banned from £39.95
Getaway Plus Size Cardigan
Banned from £23.95
Izzy Cardigan
Banned from £36.95
Melissa Burlesque Bolero Jacket In Cotton & Black Lace Overlay
Burleska £59.95
Ines Steampunk Bolero Shrug In Brown Brocade And Coffee Matte
Burleska £62.95
Magic Symbols Reverse Cardigan
Jawbreaker £44.95
Ouija Hoodie
Jawbreaker £39.95
Skull Moon Oversized Hoodie
Jawbreaker £49.95
Onyx Hoodie
Banned £64.95
Wasteland Hoodie
Banned from £28.95
Fuzzyme Hoodie
Banned £48.95
Jazmine 1940s Heart Knit Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £36.50
Polka Dot Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £31.95
Jamie Arrow Through The Heart Pullover
Voodoo Vixen £32.95
Day Stripe Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Tie Neck SS Sweater
Voodoo Vixen £31.50
Cupid Heart 3/4 Sleeve Sweater
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Elaina Watermelon Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £33.95
Stripe Neckline Short Sleeve Top
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Nautical Tri-Stripe Front Bow Top
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Long Sleeve Kitty Sweater
Voodoo Vixen £39.95
Dark Floral Emb Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £31.95
Holly Cat Jumper
Banned from £34.95