Plus Size Cardigans and Sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters for the ladies who need more room in their clothing. Our selection of plus size cardigans and sweaters are from brands such as Banned Apparel, Voodoo Vixen and Jawbreaker.
Neko Hoodie
Banned £47.95
Avoid Turtle Neck Sweater
Jawbreaker £39.95
Multi Pastel Leopard Print Cardigan
Jawbreaker £49.95
Tabitha Jumper
Banned from £32.95
Happy Holly Cardigan
Banned from £39.95
Baby Watermelon Plus Size Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £38.95
Sweet Candy Jersey Top
Banned £20.95
Farrow Heart And Flower Graphic Sweater
Voodoo Vixen £39.95
Diana Mustard Polka Dot Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Leticia Rose Embroidery Plus Size Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £24.95
Leah Turtle Neck Sweater
Voodoo Vixen £31.50
Erin Herringbone Cape
Voodoo Vixen £62.95
Rose Cardigan
Banned from £42.95
Christmas Pud Jumper
Banned £18.95 £36.95
I eAt RAiNbOwS Hoodie
Jawbreaker £44.95
Christmas Bear Jumper
Banned £33.95
Tiger Queen Cardigan
Banned £38.95
Strawberry Fields Top
Banned from £36.95
Wait And See Cardigan
Banned £14.95 £27.95
Goddess Cardigan
Banned from £32.95
On My Own Ripped Sweater
Jawbreaker £39.95
Dark Heart Cardigan
Banned from £31.95
Winifred Pointy Collar Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £37.95
Faith Kiss Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £32.95
Isla Pastel Polka Dot Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £29.95 £39.95
Sabrina Velvet Floral Applique With Pearl Detail Cardigan
Voodoo Vixen £34.95
Josephine Houndstooth Cape
Voodoo Vixen £54.95
Puma Cropped Ziphood
Toxico £39.00
Love Wins Bolero
Banned from £32.95
Summer Berry Boloero
Banned from £29.95
Summer Scallop Cardigan
Banned £33.95
Creepy Spider Cardigan
Banned from £38.95