Gothic Dresses

When goth girls need something fancy for a night out, a dress is usually a great option. Our selection of gothic dresses come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any occasion.
Apothecary Print Midi Dress
Jawbreaker £62.50
Tartan Night Zip Dress
Banned from £41.95
Black Wings Raw Silk Midi Dress - Angelique
Dr Faust £69.98
Lace-Up Ribbon Black Mini Dress - Locasta
Dr Faust £89.98
Modern Witch Witchy Dress With Back Ties
Jawbreaker £33.95
Row Boat Date Check Swing Pinafore
Banned £46.95
Velvet & Satin Maiden Dress
Jawbreaker from £49.95
Bound to Me Dress
Jawbreaker from £44.95
Blair Chain Details Dress
Banned £41.95
Occult Silver Pentagram Buttons Black Midi Dress - Hattie
Dr Faust £99.98
Addison Tartan Dress
Banned from £49.95
Yellow Evil Cats Black Midi Dress - Katz
Dr Faust £59.98
Anti - Summer Stripe Dress
Banned £41.95
Double Rainbow Overall Dress
Jawbreaker £44.95
Geometric Metal Buckle Black Mini Dress - Serenity
Dr Faust £79.98
Leopard Print Midi Slip Dress
Jawbreaker from £47.50
Freddy Krueger Style Red and Green Mini Dress - Aubrey
Dr Faust £59.98
Big Crush Dress
Banned £34.95
Love Me Right Dungaree Style Dress
Jawbreaker £49.95
Pinafore Nordic Print Flared Dress
Jawbreaker £44.95
Coven Dress
Jawbreaker £69.95
Blondie Dress
Banned £29.95
Dracula Long Hooded Dress In Black Lace
Burleska £74.95
Frilled Collar Mesh Witch Dress
Jawbreaker £62.50
Spider Web Print Overall Flare Dress
Voodoo Vixen £49.95
Tartan Paint Plaid Overalls
Jawbreaker £38.95
Button Down Knit Dress With Rose Embroidered On Ruffle
Jawbreaker £41.50
Hexagram Dress
Long Clothing £44.95 £55.00
Black Velvet Stripe Dress
Jawbreaker £43.95
Hidden Valley Plus Size Dress
Banned £21.95 £42.95
Recently Deceased Striped Dress
Jawbreaker £36.95
Oujia Skater Dress
Jawbreaker from £43.95