Gothic Dresses

When goth girls need something fancy for a night out, a dress is usually a great option. Our selection of gothic dresses come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any occasion.
Beverly Prom Corset Dress In Black Taffeta
Burleska from £154.95
Alchemy Cat Print Mini Polo Dress
Jawbreaker £36.50
Don't Mesh With My Heart Ruffled Skater Dress
Jawbreaker from £57.95
Over It All Pinstripe Overall Dress
Jawbreaker £44.95
Lace Up Corset Mini Dress
Jawbreaker £49.95
Adrianna Dress In Black Fishnet
Burleska £79.95
Black Wings Raw Silk Mini Dress - Angelique
Dr Faust £59.98
3/4 Sleeves Cold Shoulder Panneled Dress
Jawbreaker £39.95
Round In Circles Plaid Overall Dress
Jawbreaker £54.95
Rare British Military Band Mini Dress - Ashley
Dr Faust £59.98
Check Panel Strappy Mini Dress
Jawbreaker £62.50
Paradise Lost Maxi Sundress
Jawbreaker from £49.95
Meet Your Destiny Decadent Frill Dress
Jawbreaker £57.95
Pentagram Dress In Cotton And Black Lace
Burleska £87.95
Don't Settle Pinafore
Banned £34.95
Release Me Black Skater Dress
Jawbreaker £54.95
Klondike Lace Up Dress
Banned from £39.95
Leopard Print Midi Dress
Jawbreaker from £62.50
Silver Buttons Raw Silk Black Mini Dress - Maryam
Dr Faust £79.98
Black Widow Velvet Dress
Jawbreaker £74.95
Sailor Goth Dress
Jawbreaker £42.95
Ethereal Nature Maxi Dress
Jawbreaker £59.95
Cotton Lining Black Biker Plus Size Mini Dress - Abigail
Dr Faust £69.98
Ness Half And Half Dress
Banned £42.95
LBD Corset Fibre Little Black Mini Dress - Samantha
Dr Faust £69.98
Tartan Shirtdress With Chains
Jawbreaker from £49.95
Geneva Hi-low Prom Corset Dress In Black Taffeta And Black Mesh Overlay
Burleska from £189.95
Melancholie Dress
Banned from £54.95
Lace Overlay Collar Dress
Jawbreaker £62.50
City Lights of Paradise Dungaree Style Dress
Jawbreaker £42.95
In A Mood Tie Neck Dress
Jawbreaker from £39.95
Eyelets Pockets Black Midi Dress - Kendall
Dr Faust £89.98