Banned Apparel


Steamrolling in from the past to the future, Banned Apparel are here with an insane mix of rockabilly and gothic styles for you to enjoy. With rockabilly being the foundation of classic rock and roll since the 1950s, it is no wonder that Banned is now a recognisable name with their unique and stylish clothing that takes inspiration from rock and roll.

Cat Ears Striped Hoodie
Banned £27.95
Summer Shell Wallet
Banned £21.95
Flash Of Twilight Shoulder Bag
Banned £29.95
Lifeforms Petticoat
Banned £39.95
Killian Handbag
Banned £42.95
Nether Lash
Banned £29.95
Webb Dungaree
Banned £36.95
Snow Bird Plus Size Shirt
Banned £40.95
Olivia Jumper
Banned from £32.95
Cherry Blaze Wallet
Banned £22.95
Parallel Universe Handbag
Banned £32.95
Klondike Lace Up Dress
Banned from £39.95
Spooky Nightwalks Playsuit Shorts
Banned £42.95
Shinobu Shorts
Banned £34.95
Usagi Hoodie
Banned £41.95
Poison Rip Cardigan
Banned from £39.95
Vintage Hat Plus Size Top
Banned £34.95
Rainbow Days Ahead Cardigan
Banned from £38.95
Androginy Backpack
Banned £42.95
Stand Still Bag
Banned £34.95
Alcatraz Shirt
Banned £24.95
Country Cherry Purse
Banned £16.95
Tiki Dress
Banned £24.95 £48.95
Obscura Handbag
Banned £44.95
Glampire One Piece
Banned £41.95
Baggy Gothic Buckle Strap Pants
Banned £52.95
Adventures Ahead Button Trouser
Banned from £41.95
Cohen Bag
Banned £37.95
Darkdoll Mini Skirt
Banned £23.95
Bunny Hop Blouse
Banned from £33.95
Proud Peacock Cut Out Dress
Banned £58.95
Mad Dame One Piece
Banned £41.95
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