March 05, 2016 2 min read

Today we are talking about shoes - and we do not mean your average trainers or boots. No, we mean Hades shoes, the kind that are launched out from the mouth of the Underworld every few years and attract loads of attention. Hades know what they are doing and so do we, so let us get started.

1. Zeta Shoes From Hades (ouch!)

These are our favourites, hence why they are at the top. If you want something stylish as you kick the daylights out of someone you hate - look no further. Hades have a trademark style when it comes to their heels and we will provide an example of all of them, but the chrome multi-piece spinal heel is the most famous. Why? Because it is stunning, that is why.

2. Polaro Shoes from Hades

We did say we would show you all the heels - and these are just as awesome as the spinal ones. With shaped metal covering the heel, rivets, faux leather and faux fur, can you see why we love these? Hades are great at making awesome and unique shoes, that look as if they have come from a post-apocalyptic future.

3. Monique Shoes from Hades

You know how we said that we would cover every heel - we meant it. These stylish, weird and downright mad heels are a cross between the footwear of a goddess and the other end of an iceberg. Regardless, Hades are known for being crazy and out there when it comes to their styles. Are we surprised? Not really, but we know that Hades have more tricks up their sleeves - and we are hoping to see them soon.

4. Harajuku Boots from Hades

Steampunk is one of those styles that can be taken in a variety of ways - and Hades have taken it in their stride. Literally. With some amazing steampunk designs that revolve around airships, mischief, machinery and lots of metal, we know full well that if you are a fan of anything mechanical then you will love Hades as much as we do.

5. Rhino Shoes from Hades

We saved these till last, because we wanted to surprise you. Hades not only do heels, they have conjured up these wicked looking flat shoes from the depths of the Underworld. Covered in spikes on the toe and heel and decorated with gears, these definitely came from the apocalypse. So if you fancy kicking a zombie in the shins, pick these out and give Hades a wave from us.

So that is it folks. The full range of Hades is now up on the website with all colour variants and wicked descriptions for each. Hades have some epic styles in stock, and even if the size is not currently in stock they will make the shoes for you - with the only downside being that delivery could take up to 18 days. Remember, we told you here first.

As always, if you need a hand with anything at all, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page and there is free uk delivery on everything on the site.

Stay frosty!

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