Plus Size Dresses

Dresses for the larger alternative lady. Our wide variety of plus size dresses in rockabilly, gothic, rocker and steampunk styles will leave you spoiled for choice.
Elysium Pinafor Dress
Banned from £39.95
Spell On You Dress
Banned from £22.95
Carrie Dark Heart Prom Dress
Jawbreaker from £64.95
Florida Jacquard Dress
Banned from £23.95 £46.95
Polka Love Cute Dress
Banned from £20.95
Santorini Dreams Relaxed Shirtdress
Banned from £18.95 £26.95
Parasol Tabs Plus Size Sundress
Banned £44.95
Plus Size Penny Rockabilly Dress
Voodoo Vixen £54.95
Marine Front Bodice Flared Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £58.95
Lifes A Peach Pinafore Dress
Banned from £44.95
Sherry Spot Fit & Flare Dress
Banned from £41.95
Corinna Striped Neck Tie Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £33.95
Crazy Daisy Plus Size Smock Dress
Banned £54.95
Chacha A-line Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £49.95
Make A Wish Strappy Sundress - Plus Size
Banned £47.95
Sharon Belted Twist Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £42.95
Maryann Dress with Short Sleeves
Voodoo Vixen from £54.95
Ava Cross Neck Circle Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £58.95
Lulu Disco Flare Dress in Gold
Voodoo Vixen £44.95
Metallic Blue Leaves Plus Size Rockabilly Midi Dress - Bessie
Dr Faust £39.99
Daisy May Denim Plus Size Flared Dress
Voodoo Vixen £64.95
Indigo Flowers Olive Green Plus Size Rockabilly Midi Dress - Jadis
Dr Faust £39.99
Palm Trees and Exotic Flowers Black Plus Size Retro Midi Dress - Marrama
Dr Faust £39.99
Swept Off Her Feet Pencil Plus Size Dress
Banned £23.95
Poppy Plus Size Dress
Banned £49.95
Evening Chic Plus Size Dress
Banned £22.95 £43.95
Carlita Dress
Banned £24.95 £49.95
Bound to Me Dress
Jawbreaker from £44.95
Morticia Black Gown
Voodoo Vixen from £51.95
Velvet & Satin Maiden Dress
Jawbreaker from £49.95
Ophelie Burlesque Corset Dress In Green Scroll Brocade
Burleska £84.95
Valerie High Low Corset Dress In Satin Flock
Burleska £79.95