Gothic & Rockabilly Dresses

For the rocker and gothic chicks, you will love our collection of gothic and rockabilly dresses. With epic threads from Jawbreaker, Banned Apparel, Dr Faust and Burleska in a variety of styles and colours, you will have a load of fun on your next night out with one of these stunning dresses.
Meow Longer Dress
Banned £22.95 £27.95
Tropic Dress
Banned from £48.95
Long Sleeve Wednesday Addams Black Mini Dress - Megan
Dr Faust £44.99
Rose Bloom Fit & Flare Dress
Banned from £43.95
Charlotte Spider Web Embroidery Overall Corduroy Dress
Voodoo Vixen £48.95
Klondike Lace Up Dress
Banned from £39.95
Jasmin Corset Dress In King Brocade
Burleska £84.95
Silver Haze Dress
Banned £18.95 £33.95
Megan Fiesta Maxi Dress
Voodoo Vixen £49.95 £53.95
Big Crush Dress
Banned £34.95
Gothic Rock - Stud Waist Mini Dress Black
Spiral from £19.99
Snakes, Hearts and Voodoo Dolls Mini Dress - Ada
Dr Faust £49.99
Passion Corset Dress In Black Satin And Lace Overlay
Burleska £104.95
Pentagram Dress In Cotton And Black Lace
Burleska £84.95
Rio Dress
Banned £19.95 £26.95
All Hallows Cat Fit & Flare Dress
Banned from £54.95
Wednesday Babydoll Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £49.95
Hidden Valley Plus Size Dress
Banned £42.95
Lily Green Taffeta Flared Dress
Voodoo Vixen from £51.95
Mary Jane Pinafore Dress
Banned £44.95
Made For Each Other Dress
Banned from £42.95
Silver Moon Buttons Black Plus Size Midi Dress - Vanda
Dr Faust £49.99
Tis The Season Dress
Banned £47.95
Delicious Dots Dress
Banned £49.95
Dracula Long Hooded Dress In Black Lace
Burleska £74.95
Isabella High Low Corset Dress In King Brocade
Burleska £94.95
Drop Dead Lace Dress
Banned £27.95
Sweet Joy Heart Dress
Banned £52.95
Vintage Globe Button Dress
Banned from £56.95
Ines Maxi Dress In Black Velvet
Burleska £97.95
Belladona Deep Purple Corset Dress
Voodoo Vixen £52.50
Gold Rune Dress
Long Clothing £18.95 £60.00