Banned Apparel


Steamrolling in from the past to the future, Banned Apparel are here with an insane mix of rockabilly and gothic styles for you to enjoy. With rockabilly being the foundation of classic rock and roll since the 1950s, it is no wonder that Banned is now a recognisable name with their unique and stylish clothing that takes inspiration from rock and roll.

Gothic Long Sleeve Shirt - SHM60019
Banned £38.95
Ness Half And Half Dress
Banned £42.95
Di Di Swing Skirt
Banned £37.95
Country Rose Handbag
Banned £42.95
Industrial Coat
Banned £148.95
Blooming Rose Shirt
Banned £38.95
Carla Bag
Banned £31.95
Indiana Trousers
Banned from £23.95 £46.95
Rumor Has It Trousers
Banned £39.95
Scandi Fox Cardigan
Banned from £42.95
Tartan Night Zip Dress
Banned from £41.95
Snow Bird Shirt
Banned £33.95
Mod Dress
Banned £43.95
Blair Chain Details Dress
Banned £41.95
Katalina Trousers
Banned £23.95 £46.95
Hot Shot Dress
Banned £27.95
Krampus Trousers
Banned £59.95
Military Drummer Jacket
Banned £49.95
Pentagram One Piece
Banned from £36.95
Rose Cardigan
Banned from £42.95
Urban Vamp Pleats Skirt
Banned £31.95
Vintage Christmas Holiday Jumper
Banned from £33.95
Bell Tower Bat Shorts
Banned from £31.95
Drusilla Flare Trousers
Banned £49.95
Tartan Shorts
Banned £27.95
Cathedral Cardi
Banned £21.95 £38.95
Night After Night Jeans
Banned £29.95
Norval Tapered Tartan Trousers
Banned £37.95
Dream Master Plus Size Shirt
Banned £24.95
Leopard Lady Coat
Banned from £64.95 £101.95
Let's Go Bowling Cardigan
Banned from £38.95
Rock N Roll Leopard Denim Capri Pants
Banned from £38.95