December 11, 2015 2 min read

Guess who has managed to get a new brand up just in time for Christmas - we did. We love you all that much that we have been in touch with the folks at Toxico and got in some sick tees for you. Stay tuned as we have more of Toxico on the way, but let me introduce you to what we have so far.

[Above: Mens Tramp T-Shirt by Toxico]

This is one of the tees we love - seriously, we find it hilarious but our sense of humour over here is a bit mad. Nevertheless, Toxico have a pretty big range that are both a mix of biker and hillbilly which (once we get everything on here) should cater to everyone's tastes in some form of fashion.

[Above: Ladies Live Fast Baseball Tee by Toxico]

This is our kinda thing - go fast but drive even faster. Why not? We live for thrills and over here at DF, we felt that putting the Ladies collection up from Toxico was worth it. Seriously, I know a speed junkie myself - they are absolutely insane but clothing like this is their dig entirely.

[Above: Ladies Skate Skull T-Shirt by Toxico]

Bring back a bit of the good old days from the grimy streets of London, which is where Toxico actually hails from. Since London is the capital city of culture over here in the UK, it makes sense that brands do well. From what we are seeing over here, Toxico have a pretty good hand of cards which you will see more of soon.

[Above: Mens Ride Till Death Baseball Shirt by Toxico]

Now here is one of my own personal favourites - riding till you die because Death is never too far away. Boasting 100% Cotton combed jersey and a silk screened print that is done by hand. This style of printing is done with all clothing products that Toxico offer, so expect your tee to be a little more unique than the dude beside you.

[Above: Mens AA Symbols T-Shirt by Toxico]

A great tee for when you are not in the mood for any religious bs - trust me this one made us smile over here. With most of Toxico's tees being made out of cotton at least 90% of the time (some do include 10% polyester but all materials are mentioned in the product descriptions), you can be sure that you can wear your new, amazing t-shirts without compromising on comfort.

Well, that is it for now folks. Stay tuned on the website if you want to see more of Toxico as we are updating the website nearly every day (as often as I am around). As always, free uk delivery on everything!

Stay frosty, and I hope you all enjoy the snow that is falling on the site!


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