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November 23, 2015 1 min read

We are happy to announce that the new Fall 2015 collection from Iron Fist is starting to be added onto the website. Featuring a range of clothing from Ash Costello, the vocalist from the band New Years Day and the designer of Bat Royalty, her style screams I. Am. GOTHIC.

Bad To The Bone Dress

[Above: Bad To The Bone Shirt, designed by Ash Costello for Iron Fist]

To carry on the gothic trend, Iron Fist has appeared with dresses that will make you rock the dance floor when Christmas and New Year approach. Combining studs and skulls, you will be glad you came to the party!

[Above: Get Nailed with this gorgeous skull dress from Iron Fist.]

Also in the Fall range - an old dog but a new kid on Iron Fist's block - a bunch of Care Bear designs that put a modern twist on an old classic. With cute prints and different ideas, Iron Fist have taken "cute" to another dimension.

[Above: Care Bear Stare Ladies Sweater by Iron Fist as part of their Fall collection]

Lastly, by no means least: it would be criminal to forget the cats! Featuring kitten patterns, lovehearts and a whole different appeal to the rulers of the world, Iron Fist has done it again by turning something known to be cute, into something even cuter.

[Above: Pussy Cat Ladies Hoodie from Iron Fist - keeping us warm and cosy when we need it!]

Stay tuned - more will be added as time goes on, and as usual - free uk delivery on everything!

Stay Frosty!


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