Shoes & Boots

If you want some footwear that will get you noticed, then take a gander at our epic collection of boots and shoes, from brands like New Rock, Demonia, Spiral and Banned Apparel in a variety of styles, designs and colours, you will more than likely find something epic for your feet here.

Unfortunately we are now only able to take UK orders for New Rock footwear.

Ladies Bull Boots – M.7901-S2-C
New Rock £312.00
Ladies Magneto Gothic Boots – M.MAG005-S1-C
New Rock £453.00
Cutiepie-06 Rockabilly High Heel Platform Pump Shoes
Pin Up Couture from £62.95
Unisex Metallic Boots - M.391-S5
New Rock £293.00
Unisex Metallic Alternative Boots - M.272-S1
New Rock £397.00
Mens VIP Gothic Shoes – M.2246-S5-C
New Rock £261.00
Unisex Metallic Boots - M.373-S1
New Rock £271.00
Unisex Metallic Boots – M.134-S1-C
New Rock £442.00
Unisex Metallic Boots - M.107-S3
New Rock £298.00
Mens West Goth Boots – M.7966-S1-C
New Rock from £303.00
Mens Vintage Motorock Boots – M.MR041-S3-C
New Rock £324.00
Black Vegan Leather Knee High Boots BOLT-400 - Unisex
Demonia £146.95
Unisex Gothic Boots - M.1473-S1
New Rock £244.00
Mens Black Lateral Tower Shoes - M.106-S29
New Rock from £276.00
Velcro Straps Leather Boots – M.422-S1-C
New Rock £416.00
Black/White Vegan Leather-Patent-Magic Ankle Boots SWING-115 - Womens
Demonia £140.95
Unisex Metallic Gothic Boots - M.107-S2
New Rock £293.00
Unisex Metallic Gothic Boots – M.591-S5-C
New Rock £373.00
Mens Vegan Black Tower Military Boots - M.NEWMILI083-VS2
New Rock from £239.00
Mens Dallas Gothic Shoes – M.7960-S5-C
New Rock £266.00
Black Vegan Leather Block Heel Mid-Calf Boots VIVIKA-205 - Womens
Demonia £140.95
Black Vegan Leather Mid Calf Combat Boots BOLT-330 - Unisex
Demonia £146.95
Mens Black Vegan Boots - M.MILI083NSV-V1
New Rock from £207.00
Unisex Black Patent Leather Knee Boots – M.314-S6-C
New Rock £431.00
Cutiepie-10 Mary Jane Pump Vintage High Heel Shoes
Pin Up Couture £67.95
Unisex Metallic Gothic Boots - M.288-S1
New Rock £288.00
Unisex Metallic Gothic Boots – M.563-S1-C
New Rock £288.00
Unisex Metallic Boots - M.373-S4
New Rock £288.00
Mens Dallas Gothic Shoes – M.WST002-S1-C
New Rock £318.00
Ladies Magneto Vintage Gothic Boots – M.MAG016-S6-C
New Rock £470.00
Unisex Metallic Oxidised Military Alternative Boots – M.391-S18-C
New Rock £317.00
Patent Thigh-High Lace-Up Boots EMILY-375 - Womens
Demonia £143.95